LoCo 'Yaks

Lorain County Kayak & Paddle Sports Group


Online Registration is now CLOSED! 

You can, however, still show up! Please report to either Grumpy's @ Black River Wharf -OR- Lakeside Landing for check-in. You may then choose another location should you desire.

Details --->

For Sunday: There will only be ONE CHECK-IN location - TBD - again, either Grumpy's -OR- Lakeside Landing, depending on Saturday's results. Email details will go out Saturday night with specific Sunday instructions. If you are wanting to signup for Sunday, please email [email protected] so that we can get you correct & up to date information.



Location: Westlake Yachting Club

485 California Ave., Lorain

Time: 1:30 - 4:00

Lunch buffet provided by several local entities, including: Jackalope, Subway (east side), Scorcher's, & Mutt & Jeff's. Some beverages provided. Cash bar also available.


Location: Lorain Sailing & Yacht Club, 108 Alabama Ave., Lorain

Time: 1:30 - 3:30

Meal prepared and provided by the club members, to include grilled scrumptiousness. Some beverages provided. Liquor is BYOB.


May 6 & 7    9am - 2pm

Volunteers can arrive/ check-in anytime between 9:00 & 1:00 and 

must be checked-out by 2:00pm.

Lunch will start around 1:30.

There will be 2 check-ins with 6 clean-up locations. Your specific recommended check-in & location will be provided in the registration confirmation email. 

We will provide all necessary supplies, but please come prepared:

  • Wear comfortable, appropriate shoes.
  • Dress for the weather.
  • Wear sunscreen.
  • Bring your re-usable water bottle.
  • Expect to work hard and get dirty.
  • Plan to stay for lunch!

1. Black River Wharf - aka Grumpy's
2. Lakeside Landing (including the entire area from the beach by Jackalope to the Water Treatment Plant, Lorain Sailing & Yacht Club*, and Riverside Park)
3. Hot Waters Boat Launch
4. Cromwell Park (undeveloped Industrial Park 
on the east side of Lorain)
5. Black River Landing
6. James Day Park (floodplain across the street) 


1. Black River Wharf/ Grumpy's, 1355 Black River Parkway
Motor boat & kayak launch location. This has been our main headquarters for the past 4 years. All supplies will be available here and the bus route will begin and end at this location. All tires will end up at this location for pickup on Monday.
2. Lakeside Landing, 301 Lakeside Ave.
All supplies will be available here. This location will probably have the most hikers this year as we have expanded it to cover everything from the beach by Jackalope, west to the Black River and north to the end of the pier. This area will have 2 dumpsters available: one at the beach and one at Lorain Sailing & Yacht Club. LS&YC will be a main drop off location for motor boats and kayakers/ paddlers, as well as hikers on that side of the Landing. LS&YC also makes a great launching location for paddlers bringing their own vessel. The bus will drop off and pick up from this location. Check-in/out and bus pickup/ drop off will be located at the top of the hill above the Spitzer Marina Office.
3. Hot Waters Boat Launch, end of 2nd St. & Oberlin Ave.
-- This area has ample parking and will be a regular stop on the bus route. There will not be a dumpster. Trash and tires collected here will be hauled to Lakeside Landing. Backup supplies will be available, but please stock up at your check-in.
4. Cromwell Park, south end of Missouri Ave. -- DUMPSTER
-- This area is all hikers, and has been an illegal dumping ground for decades. In 2015 we removed 500+ tires from here. Most recently, 2 cars have been abandoned and burned at this location. Any tires found here will be hauled to Black River Wharf. Ample parking is available, and the bus will be dropping off and picking up here all day. Backup supplies will be available, but please stock up at your check-in.
5. Black River Landing, 421 Black River Lane (International Festival & Rockin' On The River location). This area only needs a little help on the south end. The bus will drop off and pickup one time. Any trash collected here will be hauled to Black River Wharf -- PLEASE DO NOT USE THE PARK'S DUMPSTER. Backup supplies will be available, but please stock up at your check-in.
6. James Day Park, Sheffield Village, behind Fire & Police Depts.
This location is flooded quite frequently and has debris throughout the woods on the west side of East River Rd. Paddlers are welcome to launch here if bringing their own vessel and able to carry it across the street. Paddlers may also leave from LCMP's French Creek launch and navigate to this area. Hikers can take the bus to and from this location. Trash collected here will be hauled to Cromwell or Lakeside Landing. Tires will go to Black River Wharf. Backup supplies will be available, but please stock up at your check-in. James Day Park is CANCELLED DUE TO FLOODING

~All scrap metal will be piled separately at each location to be hauled to a scrap yard by Rio All-Terrain Construction.

~The bus (provided by First Student) will be available
 from 9:30am - 1:30pm.