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It's important to have the right gear...
Do you know the laws?

Required by Law: PFD (Personal Floatation Device) of appropriate size and if not worn, although 

                                          it should always be worn, must be easily accessible with one hand.

                     Water Whistle attached to you or the PFD

                                Kayak Registration Yes, you have to register it. But think of it like a worst-case                                           safety plan -- if they find your kayak, they can figure out who to look for.

Night trips are beautiful... but... What about lights?

According to the Ohio Boat Operators' Guide:  Vessels Under Oars   OAC 1501.47-2-25

"A vessel under oars may exhibit lights for sailing vessels, but if not, shall have an electric torch or lighted lantern showing a white light in sufficient time to prevent collision."... Let us translate... 

You may paddle in the dark or with a light, but at the very least, 

you must have a steady-on white light (water resistant) that 

can be turned on in time to prevent a collision.

We recommend a headlamp, to be used as needed, and a bow or stern glow light of some sort so you don't lose your friends in the dark,

unless you want to lose your friends in the dark.


you must have (attached to you, only turned on in an emergency)

U.S. Coast Guard Approved Visual Signaling Device... 

also known as a "USCG Approved" [stickered] strobe.

Now that you know the rules....

Places for you & your kayak to hit the water...

Did you know there are 389 public access sites 

along Lake Erie and the rivers flowing to her?

It's True!! 

Here are the links to them all... 

and a bunch of other valuable info.

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